Fun with Ipads for Keystage Two Pupils

In Key Stage 2, we begin our technological journey with the introduction of iPads to enhance and enrich the children’s learning. We have currently begun by using apps such as ‘Hit the Button’, ‘Drawline’ and ‘Geoboard’.

These apps are good for our current mental Maths targets (Hit the Button), logical thinking (Drawline) and geometry (Geobaord). We have also started using apps such as ‘Padlet’ to share and evaluate each other’s ideas. Over the next term we will develop further enabling children to become responsible global digital citizens and to develop and create digital content they can share with the world as well as equipping them with the skills needed as they embark in the digital age.

Research shows lack of digital skills costs the UK over 63 billion pounds per annum, leaving half a million jobs unfilled. By giving the children these core skills we are increasing their future opportunities. We believe that the iPads are going to have a positive impact on both education and learning.