Fun with Fractions

In Year 5 this week we have been learning about fractions. When it comes to teaching, a genuine understanding of fractions and concrete models are key.  It is vital that children understand what is happening when they add, subtract, divide and multiply fractions and are not simply taught a written method. For this reason, we use a variety of equipment to secure the childrens’ understanding. The children started off the week using Numicon to build fraction walls. This was a perfect way for children to link their knowledge of multiplication tables with fractions.

Some children started developing their knowledge of fractions by building a fraction wall, starting with 12 at the top and then visualizing half of 12 is 6 and a quarter of 12 is 3 and so on. It was also good to see the children visualizing equivalent fractions, that a half was equal to two quarters and so forth. The mathematical vocabulary the children were using and the questions that they were asking themselves was a real testament to their mathematical thinking and desire to learn. The children’s understanding of fractions is now secure and we can move on to more complex calculations using fractions.