Fun with Creative Writing

The Senior School English department have been exploring creative writing skills.  One of the tasks given to the students was to write a diary entry describing a characters emotions about boarding the Titanic. The students had to write about the character’s thoughts, reasons for traveling and the variety of emotions surrounding their epic adventure.

In order to write in a sensory way, students were given roles to play, some playing rich travellers in 1st class and others travelling in 2nd and 3rd classes. Students arrived in classic 1912 costumes and acted out their characters in the classroom, which has been transformed into a British port. The teachers encouraged them with questions such as, ‘What is the food like? What do you see? What does it smell like?’ This as expected sparked a flurry of inspiring stories.
The students then boarded their imaginary Titanic and waved at the crowds on land, imagining they could see someone they knew on the jetty. They then settled down in their ‘cabins’ to write a diary entry about the day’s events.