Fun with Art

It’s all about the Dinky Safari! As Turi prepares for the big event on 30th March, paintbrushes are being brandished and bright colours  applied to ‘dinkies’ across the School. From our youngest children in Reception and Nursery to the Year 8s, this is a special Turi highlight. The children have to plan their dinky design and ensure that their product is original and spectacular. The older the children the more sophistication is seen in the creations.  We look forward to seeing the fruit of their hard work.

Art is not all about the dinkies, however. Year 8 have been applying themselves to the academic study of art and working diligently. They have been learning lino printing techniques and are stretching themselves by evaluating and reworking prints to create depth and tone.  Several of our children are preparing to take the Art Scholarship for our Senior School at the end of this month.

The Senior School are looking for Art Scholars who have a passion for the visual arts and are willing to be thoroughly involved in all aspects of Art at Senior School. Students will need to take their portfolio of work  and will be interviewed by the Head of Art. They will be set a 30 mins pencil drawing test and asked questions such as…‘what artists have they found to be influential on their own work?’ and ‘what materials and techniques they have enjoyed using and why?’

We wish our candidates well as they embark on this important venture!