Friday Buffet Lunch

Our catering department has continued to maintain the highest levels of dedication and commitment to making sure that the meals offered at school are both tasty and nutritious. ​I have been busy coming up with healthy recipes that the children enjoy.
This term, we have also introduced buffet lunches for the children. These have been very popular and the students have embraced having alfresco lunches in the beautiful outdoor spaces at the Prep School.

 “It is always such a joy to see the excitement on the children’s faces as they are served their meals with help from their teachers and catering staff!”

Meals times have become a popular time in school and this will undoubtedly result in livelier classrooms. We are also very pleased that one of Leadership Principles is ‘Sharpen the Saw’. This habit really focuses on the importance of every leader looking after themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and of course spiritually. This habit has enabled us to educate and motivate healthy and responsible eating and drinking habits and this has contributed a lot towards the general well-being of the students.
We are continuously striving to make sure our meals accommodate the needs of our students who ascribe to different cultures and religions.