Epiphany the French way!

On Wednesday, the Year 3’s celebrated Epiphany the French way! Usually celebrated on the 6th of January, Ephiphany celebrates the revelation of God in his Son, Jesus Christ, and commemorates principally the ‘Visit of the Magi’ (‘Les Trois Rois Mages’) to the baby Jesus. French families traditionally make a cake (‘La Galette de Roi’) and the youngest member of the family hides under a table, calling out who should get each slice.

In Year 3, this was Charlotte Hackman, with Josiah Scammells getting the slice with the charm (‘la fève’) in it and so he was made the king (‘le roi’) for the day. The king chooses his queen and is also able to tell others what to do all day! The children enjoyed learning about the tradition and especially enjoyed eating their slice of cake!