French at the Prep School

At the Prep School, all students from Year Three have the opportunity to learn French. In addition to the vibrant learning that takes place during lessons, we also run several activities to reinforce, reconcile and extend learning, allowing children to explore the language through a range of activities that develop their linguistic skills.

Children are exposed quickly to the language in order for them to grow confident in listening to it and becoming comfortable in practising the language. Currently the extra groups we are running take place every Tuesday during lunch break. In this session students play board games in French. A wide range of board games is offered to them going from Monopoly in France (and in French of course), le Destin (the game of life) or Wazabi which is a strategy game with cards and dice. Every Thursday after class, students who feel the need can benefit from a support class; and finally, every Saturday morning, we have a French film workshop where students are invited to discover a big part of French culture and discuss it. All the movies are watched in the original language and sometimes English subtitles are added to build the confidence of our pupils and also to stress the difference of culture between French and English environments. These groups have been well received by the pupils and the groups are well attended.
Finally, it is worth noting that during weeks 7 and 8, all the pupils were formally assessing on the four key linguistic skills; reading, writing, listening and speaking. Years 3 to 6 were so keen to show how well they can speak and Years 7 and 8 worked really hard in the exams. Well done to them all.