Food Technology

In Food Technology this term, Year 8 have been exploring how to make food they would like to eat that is not always available at school. Their challenge was to make multi-cultural recipes healthy and work as a team to prepare them. The end result was ‘Mexican Chilli Tacos’, ‘Sweet and Sour Chicken’ and a 2m Meatball Sub’. Year 7 have been looking at ‘8 Tips for Healthy Eating.’ The have been analyzing and cooking a range of African dishes to see if they can apply the tips. The Samosas below definitely passed the analysis test.

Year 6 have been challenged to see if they have ‘The Eggs Factor’. They are learning to independently use the cooker to prepare a range of egg based dishes. The test will be – can they invent a dish using the skills they have learned? Year 5 have learned about preparing food safely and hygienically. They  have used sharp knives to prepare vegetables and dips and used the grill to prepare Pizza Toast.