Fond Memories

I write to say that numbers of ex St Andrews and St Georges girls here in the UK are dwindling, mainly age related, as our “gang” are well into our 80s now. Unfortunately we are not able to have our regular meetings in London as we did previously, however, we keep in regular telephone and email contact and invariably reminisce about our early lives in Kenya, and especially the two schools.

We are grateful for the high level of education we received, starting at St Andrews, with Ma Lavers, our Head. She was wonderful and no pupil was allowed to feel different both academically or in sports, school concerts etc. Then onto St Georges, and Miss Brennand our Head.  I can say we were very happy boarders and continue to feel privileged that our education at both schools, stood us in good stead for the years ahead. My parents were proud of me when l was nominated Head Girl at St Georges! I personally know that my early life in Kenya was the very best, and so thankful that l still feel that place in my soul.

One of the girls Ann Young (nee Sharland) and I include some Swahili we remember, in our conversations!  In fact, it is common knowledge about expats that we are known as the ‘When we’s” since our conversations invariably  revert to those days – Harambee!

I send you my best wishes and greetings for the coming festive season!
Altioria Peto
Pam Molloy  (nee Webster)