Exciting weekends at Turi

The weekend programme this term has continued its split feel, with busy Saturdays followed by more relaxed Sundays. Activities which have been available to children on a Saturday have included Football, Hand Weaving, Creative Recycling, Minecraft club, Debating, Badminton and Water Polo to name but a few.

On Sundays, the relaxed feel of rolling breakfasts, brunch on the terrace and lots of free time has allowed pupils to recharge their batteries and prepare for the week ahead.  Alongside the normal weekend programme, sports tours have been run to Nairobi, children have travelled to Nairobi to participate in the Hog Charge environmental fundraiser and there was also the experience of a travelling Planetarium which was enjoyed on site at Turi. The Uniformed orgs sections have also been busy, hosting their Parade Service, along with camps for the Brownies and Chippets, with Cubs to follow by the end of term. Weekends continue to be a full part of life at Turi!