Exciting Week Lined Up!

This weekend we have several sports squads out on tour. The U15 football team have a game today at Brookhouse and a tournament at Hillcrest on Saturday. The U19 football team also have a game today against Strathmore and a tournament at Rift Valley Academy on Saturday. The U15 rounders team play Aga Khan today and games against Oshwal and Premier on Saturday. Finally, the Cross country squad are going for a training camp at the high altitude training centre in Iten. We are also sending our debating team to Nairobi for the first round of the Inter-school Rhino Cup on Saturday.

Those that aren’t on tour will have the option to go to Kembu for an activities day.  We also have Nairobi Baptist Church visiting and they will be leading the Christian Union on Friday and Chapel on Sunday. Those involved in this year’s production of Mamma Mia will be rehearsing on Sunday afternoon. The Enrich programme is commencing this Sunday evening. It is for our Scholars as well as others interested in researching and debating issues beyond the curriculum.  Next week is MFL week, where all will be encouraged to celebrate and embrace modern foreign languages.

Also this week the Year 11s will be off timetable for their Moving on Up day. The day will give them the opportunity to think about, discuss and learn about a variety of issues including relationships, stress and anxiety, addictions, and diet and exercise. The year 11s will also be visiting our service projects on Thursday.