Every Child is an Artist

Pablo Picasso once said ‘Every child is an artist’. We are making sure that this rings true for all our students and that they all feel capable, no matter their ability. The younger years have already started creating little masterpieces themed ‘Gardens’ and ‘Birds’. They are learning the concept of the view and how important the wildlife in the garden is.

Key Stage 2 (Years 3 – 6) are delving deeper by looking at different art movements and cultures, starting with Year 4, who are working on bright, colourful Pop Art. The Year 5 students are transcribing emotions and music like Kandinsky while the Year 6 are taking on Oriental Art and tackling Chinese symbols. The Year 7 lot have had great fun exploring the weird and wonderful world of surrealism. They are taking simple objects like toothbrushes and corks and turning them into aeroplanes and jellyfish!

Architecture from the 15th century to date has kept Year 8 busy developing a range of architectural drawing and printing techniques. The ‘Turi Elephant’ a new addition to the art class, is also now ready to be paper-mached, decorated and  showcased at events and classes by the students!

Miss Hirons – Head of Art