The Economics and Business Symposium

The Economics and Business Symposium at Rusinga was an amazing experience that I had the pleasure to participate in and coordinate. We all learnt a lot about the given topic; ‘‘The effect of low interest rates on businesses and the economy at large’’ through other school’s presentations, our own in-depth research and the talk we got from a real-life economist, who graduated from Rusinga in 2007.

The Economist’s talk was greatly motivational as we saw ourselves where he is in the next 10 years; economists and business professionals. If there are any Year 11 and 12 students reading this that are interested in Economics and Business, I urge you to take interest in the annual symposium, as it is vital to broaden your knowledge and understanding on contemporary issues, which are also examined in both the A Level Economics and Business syllabuses.

Moses Maraga
Year 13 Student