Tennis – Under 9's Competition

Last term, the Under 9 boys and girls competed in an internal tennis tournament,  organised by our tennis coach and enthusiast Mr Bobby Ochieng. The tournament included three groups of competitors; Boys Group A, Boys Group B and the Girls. Each participant played everyone in their group, winning points along the way.

The Boys under 9 Group A started off to a fast paced round – robin draw in which Hugh Boulle outshined his competitors,  winning by an impressive 4 wins and 44 points. Joshua Mathias came a close first runner up with 3 wins and 40 points. Second runner up went to Jovani Kameja who had 2 wins and 38 points.
The group B boys also put on an very spirited show with Thomas LLewellyn bagging the top spot by 4 wins and 44 points. Benjamin Youlten managed first runner up with 3 wins and 40 points while second runner up went to Samuel Holliday who took home 2 wins and 34 points.
The Under 9 Girls displayed a marked improvement in their strokes. Kamikazi Mvungi made an impressive 5 wins and 55 points victory with Lenah Moi hot on her heels 4 wins and 53 points. Bathsheba Kint came third with 2 wins and 47 points.
In Chapel the following week, Mr Ochieng presented the winners with glistening Gold medals and all participants received a certificate. Thanks go to everyone who helped make this event such a success.