East African Model United Nations Conference (EAMUN)

On the 21st February, 12 students from the Senior School visited the United Nations Office  in Nairobi for the East Africa Model UN (EAMUN) Conference. They were joined by 70 other schools from Kenya and neighboring countries such as Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.

The Conference lasted 5 days with students representing their allocated countries in 4 committees; Environment Committee, Ecology Committee, Political Committee and the Economic and Human Rights Committee. We also had a student at the Special Summit where topics are debated rather than resolutions.
St Andrew’s School, Turi was allocated the following countries to represent; Georgia, Mauritius and Sierra Leone. Talks were given by the different members of the Chair. An especially inspiring speech was given by Shivani Bhalla of Ewaso Lions, who spoke about the importance of the everyone’s involvement in the conservation of lions.
All in all, it was a memorable experience that was the culmination of a lot of hard work by the students. They received valuable insights on global issues and realised the significant role of conflict resolution in upholding world peace.We look forward to the 36th session of EAMUN next year!