Early Years Foundation Stage

This September we moved the Reception and Nursery class into a newly appointed classroom and garden. This has helped us focus on the needs of this group of young learners more effectively.  The increased space, both inside and out, has resulted in a diverse and stimulating learning environment for all. A typical day will involve learning language through letters, sounds and interactions, play based learning, story time followed by more structured specialist lessons for the older children in the afternoon.

Each half term we focus on a different topic for example ‘My Body’ ‘The Jungle’ and ‘Transport’. The Jungle topic was especially well received by the pupils, a highlight of which was the jungle trek around the School grounds looking for animals, hidden in the forest. We learnt about the jungle environment and used Michael Rosen’s ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ to relate their outdoor experiences to the language used in this classic children’s story.
The children are enjoying learning basic mathematical principles, using Numicon, a fantastic Maths tool which helps children understand mathematical concepts using patterns shapes, rods and number lines.  A good understanding at this stage creates a solid foundation to build on in the future.
The littlest in our community enjoy busy mornings: engaging with a range of toys in sand and water, singing nursery rhymes, painting and mark making and role playing different scenarios. Their topic for this term has been ‘Pets’ and their current role play area is an animal hospital.  They continue to be a happy and lively group.