Ditch the Plastic Day

On Friday 18th January, we started the day with a presentation from Mrs. Gore on Ditching the Plastic and the importance as a Christian school to steward the earth and its animals as directed by God in the book of Genesis.


We were shocked by the effect that plastic was having on the planet and on humans themselves through micro-plastics. From chapel, year groups participated in a range of different activities to help raise awareness among the children regarding the need to refuse to have plastic in order to help prevent the waste we are building up on our planet. Children up to Year 4 looked at the story of ‘Duffy’s Lucky Escape’ about a turtle who swallowed a plastic bag thinking it was a jellyfish.


In the story luckily he was saved but sadly much sea life doesn’t survive the effects of plastic waste. Years 5 and 6 looked more closely at the Pacific Ocean Plastic Island, which is an island about twice the size of the continental US, and how a Dutch scientist is creating a machine to start cleaning this up. The Years 7 and 8 looked at newspaper articles on plastic waste and Ms. Curry’s class went in the swimming pool where they had to swim surrounded by plastic waste which is very much a reality of the future if we do not make changes. It is our hope as a school community that we will now begin to look at how we can improve our sustainability and look to reduce plastic wastage.


James Gore