Design and Technology

This term in textiles, Year 8 have made hats from micro-fleece. A fabric manufactured to imitate wool but is much cheaper and comes in lots of colours and patterns. They have made patterns, cut out the pieces and joined them using a sewing machine. Some of the pupils chose to make their hats for pupils at the local school. They went on a visit to the school to help out with their breakfast project and meet some of the pupils who were going to be given a hat.

Year 7 have made cushion covers. They have investigated different techniques used to put designs onto fabric, fabric paint, crayon, marker, tie dye, batik and applique. They then produced a design on the computer using a program called 2D Design. The children then selected the technique that best suited their design to put it onto plain fabric. To complete the cushion cover they chose a patterned material and used the sewing machine to join all the pieces.
Year 6 have made glove puppets from felt. They had to learn how to thread a needle and tie a knot. Then they investigated a range of stitches that could be used to join the felt and decorate the puppet. They were challenged to see if they could include a 3D element to their design.
Year 5 have learned about dyeing yarn using natural and synthetic dyes. They had to research mordants to help the yarn hold the colour and made a selection of dye baths. Once they had a range of coloured yarns they wove a small tapestry that had to represent their favourite place in School.