Debating Excellence

St Andrew’s Senior School has continued to feature brilliantly in the annual Rhino Cup debating contest. In four hotly contested rounds, 16 schools come together with the aim of fostering excellence in debating skills and promoting awareness and understanding of key international issues.

Our Rhino Cup team of 47 dedicated members has valiantly soldiered on in the animated debates under the patronage of Miss Wamugunda. In their first debate against Greensteds School, team Turi shone in their research skills, understanding of global issues and convincing delivery.
The narrative was the same in the second round at Braeside where our team managed to persuade the judges and the audience that artificial intelligence will be more important than human judgment in the future.
We are happy to announce that St Andrew’s Senior School now proceeds to the the finals with four other schools where we are hopeful for an overall victory.