Cross-Country Weekend in Iten

St Andrew’s School, Turi is one of the best places in the world to train for cross-country running and many students take advantage of this to prepare for races, to get fit or simply for the pleasure of running in the beautiful environment.

At the end of September a group of teachers and students took a trip to the world famous High Altitude Training Camp in Iten. Our enthusiastic students were from across the year groups, with very different athletic backgrounds and abilities. It was great to see everyone pushing themselves and trying new things.


The activities included:
  • Core stability sessions in the gym led by the gentle but firm Timo Limo
  • A two hour track session composed of warm up, drills, intervals and hills
  • A 10km forest run with a stunning view of Kerio Valley at the mid-point


These strenuous activities were combined with swimming to relax tired muscles and shopping for running kit. Uur runners are developing their running skills and I am confident they will perform to their very best in the inter-schools race on the 13th of October.​


Nick Martyn
Head of Science