Adventures in Art

Art has started in full swing this term, each class focusing on a new skill and a new project. There has been paint everywhere, tissue papers all over the classroom and a lot of smiles.

In Year 1 and 2 we have been looking at the species that are found under the sea to decorate the Art classroom’s giant wave. We have played around with different media, such as bottle tops, painting with forks and tissue papers.  Focusing on pattern, the Year 1 and 2 have created colour puffer fish, reflection rainbow fish and 3D octopuses.
Year 3 have been focusing on sea birds to link in with the giant wave and have also been concentrating on pattern. We made some lovely 3D seagulls making sure all the feathers were in a pattern, some great little ‘Surf’s Up’ penguins and some puffins to complete the display.
Pop Art has been the main project for Year 4 this first half of term, focusing on the big, bright and bold colours of Andy Warhol and Peter Blake’s work. We have even created our very own Year 4 album cover in the style of Peter Blake’s album cover for The Beatles.
Year 5 have spent this first half of term looking at Kandinsky. Using different materials to paint to emotions and music, just like Kandinsky. We have created our very own stain-glass windows inspired by his works, using similar shapes and lines. They look fantastic in the classroom and the light shines through really well.
In Year 6, our focus has been on Oriental Art. Learning how they create their works and the main elements included such as blossom trees, tigers and dragons. Using ink, like they would in Oriental Art, we have created our own 3D lanterns, containing all the crucial elements. They look great hanging in the classroom.
Optical Illusion Art has been our key theme for the first half of the term in Year 7. Children have been learning how to make their art work pop out of the page by using only tone, colour and line in their works. They have been really successful and it is great to see them come to life.
In Year 8 we have been creating reduction prints using architectural forms, after creating our 1 and 2 point perspectives and learning the key elements needed in architecture. We have produced our very own architectural designs onto foam ready to print. Some of these have been so successful and we were able to work back into them to create more depth. Our foam prints will help us next half of term as we develop our printing techniques.