Christian Book Week at Senior School

This week, the Senior School hosted our most exciting Christian Book Week yet. Themed “Be a star in your favourite classic”, it challenged the students to step into the shoes of characters from the world’s greatest classic novels. The students jumped into action, embracing renowned classics that have thrilled readers for generations such as Emma, Pride and Prejudice, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Frankenstein and many more.

In the challenge, the students had to recreate scenes from their favourite classics, film them and submit them to the Senior School Librarian, Sussy Odinga. Throughout the Book Week, both staff and students explored a rich collection of books on display at the School Library. On 9th March, much to their delight, the students had the exciting opportunity to dress up as their favourite classic book characters.

Other exciting activities included a Karaoke classics competition in which participants sang about their favourite reads. The winners of this competitive event took home gift vouchers. The Book Week was a great success it encouraged conversations about books, developed the students analytical skills and expanded their literary horizons.