Chat with Kale Mwatsahu-Sangale

Prep School pupils Femi Arunga, Raina Muriithi and Sisan Kola-Lawal interviewed Kale Mwatsahu-Sangale, a pupil who has been at St Andrew’s Prep School since she was a little girl. She has experienced Turi life under two Headmasters and had a lot to share about her experiences.


  • What is the most significant change you have experienced at St Andrew’s Prep School?

Probably the change from Mr Moss to Mr Llewellyn which brought in lots of schedule changes

  • Who is the most memorable teacher and why?

Mrs Moss – because she was such an amazingly strong-willed woman who contributed so much to different aspects of school life

  • Was it hard dealing with a lot of friends leaving the school and a lot of new people coming in?

It was very hard because as you grow up in a school community, they become like your family and it’s hard to let then go. I do like the excitement of seeing new faces though.

  • What is your funniest memory?

When Mr Llewellyn tripped over a bench during flag raising

  • What was your favourite Year Group?

Year 4 because life was so easy and I was good at everything. There seemed to be no problems

  • If you could bring one friend back that left, who would it be?

Rebbeca Wasikye because she was that person who was always there for me. She was also one of the first friends I made.

  • What is one Turi tradition that you miss?

Now I am in Senior Girls, I miss the Junior Girls Dorm prayers! They made us feel special and united with God.

  • What is one fashion that you remember?

Tights and shorts in Year 5, worn together.

  • What is one thing you remember looking forward to?

Year 8 Leavers. It was my dream to become one of the Year 8.

  • Who was the Senior you looked up to the most?

Sarah Nabirye – Class of 2014

  • What is your favourite food at School?

I like sweet stuff, so probably pavlova

  • If you could chose 1 word to summarize Turi, what would it be?


  • Has your opinion of the School changed as you have grown older?

Yes, because as I grew older I started forming stronger opinions about certain things, for example, I always thought the Year 8s were so cool but now that I am one it feels pretty normal.

My opinion of the people hasn’t changed because I feel like I’ve grown up with them. People like Daisy, Daniella, Rahma, Amrin, Esther, Ben, Collin, Bhizi.