Recent Charity Initiatives

Staff and pupils at St Andrew’s, Turi are committed to supporting the local community and especially children less fortunate than ourselves.

In the Christmas Term last year, our community service initiative set up a library and provided free computer literacy classes for Turi Sulgwita, a nearby secondary school for local children. We also had several in-school service opportunities such as the Ball4Schools basketball tournament which helped raise school fees for needy students, and the Rainbow Charity Day which encouraged people to dress in different colours.

The Senior School hosted the highly anticipated annual Sunglasses Event in Easter Term raising a whopping 50,000 shillings! Other charity events included the VISO offering collection, a dedicated Charity Day and several community service afternoons. See the links below for a full update on all our recent charity initiatives.

Charity Newsletter Christmas Term 2015            Charity-Newsletter-Easter-Term-2016