Service and Charity at Senior School

This academic year a new Senior School Charity Committee has been created and is already hard at work planning and running various fundraising events, including an upcoming Charity Day.

Each Year Group at St Andrews Senior School visits five projects; the Workforce Nursery, Chazon Primary School, Molo Street Children’s Project, Greenpark Nursery School, and Greenpark Primary School. These projects all focus on helping local children aged between 4 and 14 years old. There is great need in the local community and our help is appreciated by the children and their carers.
When we visit a project, we often begin with a game or song. This is followed by a story, with a worksheet for the children to fill out. For example, if we read the story of ‘Lazy Lion’, the worksheet would include activities such as colouring a picture of a lion or counting lions. Currently, we are using the Mwenye Hadithi series of story books to help improve literacy in the local schools.
Over the years we have seen students become increasingly comfortable at serving the local community. They have become more empathetic to the impact of poverty and aware of opportunities that arise when children get educated. The mission of the Senior School Charity, aptly named ‘Live in Love’, is to see a heart of service cultivated in the students. Through practical service we have seen students look forward to interacting with the local community and realize that their individual role is important in the success of each service trip.