Chaplaincy Podcast: Week 4 – Bravery (Part 2)

Here is a link to this week’s Chaplaincy podcast: Week 4 Podcastwhere  we continue with the theme of Bravery.

Last weekend the Chaplaincy Team had the pleasure of welcoming the Anglican Bishop of Nakuru Rt Rev Joseph Muchai to the School. He confirmed 21 of our pupils in the School Chapel.It was a very special event supported by parents, friends and staff.

20 other students were also baptised in the School swimming pool by Wayne Hackman, the School Chaplain. He was supported by Dr Rev Ben Shikwati and Angela Mapetla as well as the pupils’ families and friends.

We wish them all great happiness and success as they take a step further on their spiritual journey. Our heartfelt gratitude also goes out to all the parents and staff who helped make this such an unforgettable day!

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