Celebration at Turi’s Sixth Form College

Mr and Mrs Andwati are a big part of St Andrew’s School, Turi’s  Sixth Form College  experience.


Mr Andwati is the Head of the College and in addition to teaching, Mrs Andwati is the Careers and Universities advisor. The aim of separating the College from the rest of the Senior School is to focus on preparing the students for life in the real world.


The two years spent here is spent not only maximizing the students’ academic capabilities but developing personal skills that will go on to make them useful members of society. Leadership skills are a big deal at the College, having an exceptional educational foundation- it is expected that the students will not only do well in University but will use their professional and leadership skills to make positive changes back home, wherever that may be. A compulsory programme Turi Leadership Award  ensures that all those who go through Turi’s Sixth Form College are equipped with knowledge and skills to begin their leadership journey.


Getting admitted into a top university and a top one at that is no mean feat as Mrs Andwati shares below. Besides excelling in class a lot research, writing, meeting with Uni reps at Uni fairs,


Mr Andwati (3rd from left) and Mrs Andwati (Centre) with University Reps from Australia when they visited Turi earlier this year

News of three scholars receiving the Prestigious Beacon Scholarship Award study top UK universities  next academic year has begun a season of celebration to the College and for the Andwatis. As we approach the end of the academic year we expect more great news of Turi students shining in their final exams and geaining admission to Universities all over the world. However Amy, Shawn and Chelimo, for opening the season, get special recognition from the Andwatis.


They had this to say;


Mrs Andwati: We are so proud of the achievements by Amy, Shawn and Chelimo. They have really worked hard to earn the Beacon scholarships. It has required a lot of time to put in a strong university application essay to complement their outstanding grades. We have walked a long road with them, researching, drafting, editing, praying and crying tears of joy. They have been strong all-round leaders in Turi right through their time at the Senior School, both inside the classroom and within the wider School community life. The students have also been among the many great Year 13 role models for our younger students to emulate. It is a wonderful thing to see not just these three excelling in their university applications, but the work and dedication put in by the entire Year 13 cohort this year has been phenomenal and worthy of commendation.


Mr Andwati: The success of our 3 Beacon Scholars from Year 13 is extremely gratifying. The university applications they presented were quite varied and this goes to show the possibilities even within a very competitive scholarship process. While Amy had been a Beacon Scholar during her time at the Senior School, Shawn and Chelimo applied for the university scholarship without prior involvement in the Beacon programme. They also represent a variety of academic course interests from Natural Sciences to Architecture and Biomedical Engineering. One common characteristic of all three successful scholars is that they have been part of the School’s 20-20 mentorship programme which has helped provide them with a structure within which to work towards attaining their aspirations of successfully applying for places in competitive universities and degree courses. They have taken full advantage of the opportunities provided to them by the School and we celebrate their efforts and successes.


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