Brookhouse School Annual choir festival

On the 14th of May, a select 30 pupils from our massive 45 strong Chapel Choir set out to Nairobi for the annual Brookhouse Choir Festival.  For the past two years, St Andrew’s Prep School has astonished the audience with performances that are second to none.

Conquering the stage
This year, our singers had a big challenge to ensure that this continued. It was evident early on to the Music Department that the pupils were well prepared and would undoubtedly conquer the stage. The choice of song, a medley of ‘Beautiful Creatures’ from the animation ‘Rio’ and ‘Hosanna’ by Kirk Franklin, was perfect in style to display the vocal abilities and synchronised dance moves of the choir.
Instrumental Drumming
Ibrahim’s prowess on the drums not only challenged the technical abilities of all the drummers on the day, but left many wondering if it was actually a student playing.
Beyond the performance aspect of our piece, what came out clearly was the pupil’s willingness to minister in praise and worship to our Lord.