Book Week

“Books wash away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” The book fever swept through the school this week during our annual Book Week celebration. There was much exhilaration and excitement all around the school during the activities which kicked off with a library fun fest that had the students participate in hula hoop, reading, poetry, bingo, pictionary and treasure hunt.


The Library pop up café was the highlight,  bringing in even those who seldom visit the library! Students have been immersed in book selections where popular reads like, “The hate you give, if I stay” flew off the exhibitors’ desks and onto the students’ hands. By the end of day one, the exhibitors had to bring in more books!


The event was graced by the eminent author and story teller from Nairobi, Ms Wangari, who had an interactive session with the students, doing what she loves best – telling stories. She emphasized that reading books does help in the expansion of knowledge, empathy and enjoyment! The students were enthralled by the story telling sessions.


This week we all spoke in agreement that “Books are a uniquely portable magic” and the high sales are a good indicator of how far we have come with the love of books. Special thanks to all who made this week a success, especially to our parents who have been consistently supporting this fantastic course.