St Andrew's School, Turi - Student's baptism

Baptism at Turi

At St Andrew’s School, Turi, Christ is at the centre of learning thanks to the roots firmly placed by its founders.

While the main goal is academic achievement, parents seeking a Christian School for their children are keen to find continuity from their teachings at home in their children’s school life.

Christian Ethos

Besides the examinable christian religious education subjects that are taught in class, christian schools like ours seek to nurture and grow their students’ relationship with Jesus Christ and steer them towards a biblical world-view that guides them beyond their school years.

At Turi we take it a step further; being a boarding school, our pupils certainly spend most of the year in school and miss out on baptism preparation activities in their home churches.

Led by our School Chaplain and his team, the children go through the necessary counselling as they study the bible and understand the significance of baptism.

Baptism is a choice!


Those who get baptised understand the responsibility of taking up their cross daily after making the ultimate decision to follow Jesus.

As Christ commanded in Matthew 28:19, our role is to make disciples out of all those who come through the doors of Turi.

That responsibility does not simply lie with the school clergy but the entire St Andrew’s School, Turi adult community who are required to lead by example through word and deed.

Baptism in Turi

Baptism takes place at the end of every academic year- during VISO so that parents can witness and be part of the celebration. Our baptism candidates and now newly committed followers of Christ were surrounded by their peers, parents and teachers as they publicly declared their love for Christ.

It is always a great joy to watch people commit their lives to Christ, and that much more endearing when they are this young. Armed with confidence and humbled by the knowledge of Christ’s ultimate sacrifice to save them; they renounced their old lives and gave themselves up to He who makes all things new.

Here’s a glimpse of the Baptism of young men and women of faith.