Drama Competition – in association with Badminton School

St Andrew’s Prep School students traveled to Braeburn School on Thursday 28th September for the Badminton Trophy Drama competitions.  The Badminton Trophy was donated to the Kenyan IAPS schools by Badminton School in order to promote speech and drama.

Each participating school brought a team consisting of five Under 13 and five Under 11 pupils. The host school had already prepared envelopes with the topics of debate. The topics covered were transport, science, fashion, food and celebrations. A topics were picked at random by the pupils, who were then given two hours to prepare a dramatic presentation. The presentations needed to be 4 to 7 minutes long.
The judges rated the performances based on the following; interpretation of the topics, quality of overall presentation, physical delivery, oral skills and structure of presentation.  The St Andrew’s Prep School pupils put on a sterling performance, much to the delight of the audience.