Back From The “Holidays”

The typical student looks forward to a break after a long term of mathematical formulas and theories, or even when the term is spent colouring and toilet training. The school holidays are always welcome!

The term wasn’t feeling that long yet; educators will tell you, as a school term draws to a close, the fatigue of both learners and teachers starts to show. We were not there yet! There were competitions, tests, excursions to look forward to; but as the ultimate wise man said “Many are the plans in a person’s heart but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” Proverbs 19:21. That was March 2020.

A rehash of the rest of 2020 from an academic standpoint is not necessary as everyone knows the struggles that have prevailed the world over. Most educators will admit that their preferred mode of delivery is face to face; especially with the younger learners. As much as we appreciate technology and the wonders it comes with, it is yet to provide foolproof solutions to the various classroom challenges. A teacher will tell you, nothing beats instinct- knowing just by physical observation that a particular student is struggling… or thriving!

Being in the same physical space as your pupils tops any virtual experience

We will admit that there are learners that have been thriving in their virtual classes; perhaps it’s fewer physical distractions or the rather convenient option of having class a few feet from bed. On the flip side there are those who have regressed in various ways or for various reasons-including the limited social interactions that virtual learning affords them.

Turi Virtual LearningTuri Virtual Learning

Turi Virtual LearningTuri Virtual Learning

Virtual learning in action above

New Year, New circumstances, New Mindset

This is the time for those of us who believe the path to academic success is paved with books, books and more books to rethink that idea. Every learner is unique and when education systems acknowledge and align their resources accordingly then the world is likely to become a different place. For some, kicking around a ball at break time is exactly what their brain needs to function optimally in the mathematics class afterwards and for others “goofing” around with friends after a long day provides the energy for another.

Friendly interaction in simpler times (before the pandemic)

After 10 months of being away from school in what became the longest unwanted holiday, Turians are back in school. Like every learning institution we have all types of learners; the bookworms, the sports enthusiasts, the social butterfly, the science nerd; we have them all!

We are happy to have them all back in school. Things are not exactly as they used to be due to the Covid 19 protocols and precautions in place but there is definitely more “life” on campus in the few hours they have been here. Though operating in bubbles and still having social restrictions is not ideal for them or those who watch over them, we are counting our blessings this morning!

In the 90 years of Turi, there have been challenges that have challenged our existence but God has always seen us through- just as we believe he will this new year.

We are looking forward to the new term and everything it brings- both challenging and exciting and we will be sharing the Turi experiences as they come

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