Anti-bullying Day

‘Step into someone else’s shoes’, was the Anti-Bullying Day 2019 theme! In an aim to follow our 7 principles we spent time this morning concentrating on seeking first to understand others through empathising with others. Instead of jumping to react we ‘Step into their Shoes’ and see why someone might be upset or angry.


After a fantastic performance from The Drama Team explaining the value of empathy, each year group undertook their own Anti-Bullying activities. Receptions were looking at how to be kind to one another in the garden.


Year 1 and 2 were spending time focusing on what the recipe is for a good friend and by adding kindness and respect, turned their ideas into baking real cookies. Year 3 focused on the story of the Three Little Pigs and who to tell if you need help rather than keeping it to yourself. ‘Shout Out’ was the theme for Year 4; they created, composed and performed a musical piece about ‘Shouting Out’ to bullying which we all danced too. Year 5 concentrated on how we are better if we ‘Stand Up, Stand Strong and Stand Together’.


Year 6 worked on Anti-Bullying poem based on the phrase ‘Sticks and Stones may break by bones’, there was some great poems. Year 7 focused on ‘Keeping Calm and Speak Out’ to raise awareness that telling someone when something happens can save a lot of hurt in the long run. Cyberbullying was the topic in Year 8, preparing them for an environment very exposed to being online and social media, in the future.


They were lucky enough to have guest visitors to tell them about the negative experiences they have received online.

Together, as a whole school we made a pledge, collaging our giant shoe, to ‘Step into their Shoes’ and to raise awareness for Anti-Bullying.