Amazing Prep School Dance Show

A dance show is one of the most nerve wracking performances to put on stage. Will the children remember their moves? Will they knock each other off the stage?  Will they be confident? Will they smile and enjoy it and engage the audience? These are all questions that were running through my head before the children performed.

By starting time, we had a full house and that was very encouraging. The pupils had not noticed that and when they got on stage and saw such a huge and eager audience they did not disappoint. They danced their hearts out. They were organised, energetic and happy. They showcased their talents beautifully.
This term pupils from various year groups have worked hard to create and learn new dance styles and choreographies to a variety of music. Some are quite easy but others are pretty challenging. The pupils have been learning how to ‘groove’ but most importantly how to work as a team.
This year’s dance show was based on the expression of self; discovering one’s ability and talent in different genres of music; not limiting ourselves to what we listen to but opening our minds and talents to a whole new world of dance and music. Our most important lesson has been learning to dance to a song not because we may know it, or like it, but because WE LOVE TO DANCE!
The pupils were amazing all the way through. 78 pupils took part and they put their heart and soul in the performance. You could tell their efforts had paid off as all the parents whooped and cheered for them.
Huge thanks and praise must be given to every pupil involved for all the effort and time that they put in to make this production a success.  It has taken a lot of heart and energy for the various teams to work together and learn to be in sync with each other. Thank you for putting your heart and soul in dance and giving it your best.
‘Life is the dancer and you are the dance’
Miss Kabbia
Key Stage 1 Coordinator and Dance teacher.