A tribute to Year 8 Leavers

The cohort of Year 8 students have led their fellow pupils with genuine assurance and accomplishment this year. As a year group they have won 13 scholarships, an amazing achievement, both to the Senior school and UK schools. They are a group blessed with talent, but also the attitude and application to make the most often gifts they have been given. They have set very high standards, and it is a great challenge to our upcoming Year 7s to match, or even beat, their tally.
This achievement has also come as a result of concerted efforts by our staff to stretch and challenge our pupils, whether it be academically through extra sessions, or on the sports field, the music room, the drama stage or the art room. This level of support can also be seen with some truly encouraging Common Entrance results. On average, our Year 8s have improved by 18% Between their mocks in November and their Summer exams. Hard work, with the right level of support and challenge, really does produce results, and I am very proud of both the pupils, and the staff for all that they have achieved in this area.
This has also been a memorable year of sporting achievements. Again, led by our Year 8, our pupils have achieved National success. The girls have won the IAPS Under 13 Hockey, as well as come runners up, losing on penalties , In the Under 13 girls football. The boys, not to be outdone, have won the Under 13 boys 13 a side Rugby and the Under 13 boys football, and we have high hopes for them in the Ndume 7s next week. 5 of our boys were selected to tour with the IAPS Kenyan Rugby 7s team on their UK tour, with Munaki Munjanganja being selected as captain.