Returning to Turi

Words by: Georgia Long – A former Turi student, working as a Gap student at Prep School

My Parents worked at Turi from 2005 to 2012, so I attended the Prep School and Senior School. I loved my time here and especially enjoyed the sport. Growing up at Turi was ideal for me because of the immense freedom. The Turi grounds have so much space to run around in, get muddy, climb trees and make dens in the forest. My siblings and I loved going on walks in the forest trying to search for the Colobus monkeys and going for bike rides around the site. I couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable childhood.

I went off to the UK for my sixth form to a school called Ardingly College and decided that I wanted to come back for my gap year which was what I did. I have loved being on the teaching side of the school and working with the sports teams.

The best part of being a gap student is you get to go on all the school trips! After my year at Turi I will head back to the UK to study Physiotherapy at Keele University, which I am very much looking forward to

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