30 Days of Turi

Beginning today at the Senior School, there is conscious community effort to spread love and kindness amongst and towards each other. While we should always be good neighbours, organised efforts like these tend to have a significant impact.

We invite you to join us wherever you are (At least for the first 22 days).

  1. Hang out with different people – Encourage interacting with newer students who might be nervous or not fully integrated.
  2. Make sure no one eats alone – Many people can find themselves ostracized in the dining hall so the aim is to make the situation as friendly as possible for these individuals.
  3. Day of thanks – A day to show appreciation to staff and vice versa to any students the staff feel deserve thanks.
  4. Day of thanks to workforce (and learn names) for the work they do for us.
  5. Day of remorse – A day to apologize to someone who you have done wrong.
  6. Day of forgiveness – A day to forgive anyone who has done you wrong
  7. Send an encouraging email/text to a friend or colleague who needs it.
  8. A day for staff to sit with students in the dining hall to improve relations between staff and students.
  9. Go to the source, open up to someone in any issues you may have with them and attempt to resolve them with the individual.
  10. Give 8 different hugs to people in your bubble or write 8 different handwritten notes, staff included
  11. Do unto others as you would want to be done unto you.
  12. Leave a bible verse on someone’s desk/words of encouragement (quotes)
  13. Thank a teacher after your lesson.
  14. A day to listen to someone else as we are sometimes so absorbed in speaking and wanting to be heard that we forget to listen. Only listen to music that uplifts you.
  15. Put others first – By placing the needs of your colleagues above yourself you can put yourself in their position and improve empathy between each other.
  16. Intentionally speak to someone that is of a different ethnicity from you.
  17. A day of positive gossip – A great deal of gossip is typically negative so this is a day to talk positively behind someone’s back. (use this twice)
  18. Lighten someone’s load – Support someone who you can see is in need or even is in a position where you can support them in a task or problem to make their life a bit easier.
  19. Agape day – As there are many forms of love, that of friends, family and the more romantic forms we chose to have a day to love God. **
  20. A day to pay it forward – To pay forward any good actions and to encourage those you do good to, to also pass it on.
  21. Greet people with the love sign in sign language as a sign of friendship.
  22. Accountability day – addressing any gateway behavior (e.g snide remarks) you see in your peers to encourage accountability.
  23. Y13 send notes to year 9 students
  24. Each of the older year groups gets a younger year group to sit with at lunch (talking points potentially)
  25. Y9 writes notes to Y8
  26. House initiative Day – Turkana
  27. House initiative – Laikipia
  28. House initiative – Samburu
  29. House initiative – Baringo
  30. House initiative – Tsavo West
  31. House initiative – Tsavo East
  32. A box will be built and placed in the outdoor chapel for people to write what the month has taught them and place in the box.
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