2018 Prep Schools Orchestral Weekend

“Music is the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot comprehend”.

Ludwig van Beethoven


An orchestra with fewer than 50 players is referred to as a chamber orchestra. When numbers are between 50 – 100, then it is referred to as a symphonic or philharmonic orchestra. What then would you call an orchestra with over 195 performing pupils and 20 staff? Combined orchestras from 9 different prep schools from all over the country met on the 26th-28th of October for the 20th consecutive St Andrew’s Orchestral Weekend which has simply been dubbed… “the best orchestral weekend in 20 years!”


Conducted by Mrs Julia Luvai, the orchestra took on challenging and varied repertoire which was exciting and left the audience wanting more. Interspersed with various solos from the different attending schools, some of the works performed on the day were, Theme from the New World Symphony, The Barber of Seville, Work from Home, That’s What I Like, March from Scipio, You’re Welcome and  the Hallelujah Chorus. A treat for the players and audience alike was a different arrangement of the Kenyan National Anthem arranged by Njane Mugambi (DoM – Peponi).


Making an appearance for the second time, were children from Ghetto Classics, whose background stories is testament to how Music can bring people from all backgrounds together, echoing from last year, the words of Liz Njoroge, the Director of Art of Music; “No matter who you are, your background, rich or poor, when you play your instruments, you play the same ‘A’.” They too performed an ensemble piece ‘Havana’, one of the highlights of the event. All players left with a polo-shirt as a souvenir of the weekend, provided by Safaricom, our sponsors for the event.