Under 19 Tennis Team Shines At Peponi

On 24th February, eleven students from the Senior School traveled to Peponi school for the under 19 tennis tournament. The matches began promptly at 9.00 am with teams from three schools taking part. The Turi team set the bar high, right from the start.

In the boys’ round-robin doubles draw, team Turi entered two teams; Anthony Kibogo paired with Elvin Paul Wojega came in second with a single win and 11 points. Lawrence Sesay teamed up with Ryan Rubyogo and finished third, with 6 points. In the boys’ singles competition, Elvin Paul Wojega put on an awesome show, finishing with 2 wins and 13 points.
The Girls’ open round-robin doubles saw Myrah Oloo partner with Maria Etiang and Anuna Mohammed partner with Mueni Mutinda. Anuna and Mueni emerged as the winners of the under 19 girls’ doubles with two wins and 12 points. Maria and Myrah finished third with 8 points.
Two sisters, Maureen Mwangi and Ann Mwangi,  from St Andrew’s Senior School were especially adept in the open round-robin draw. Maureen Mwangi emerged as the winner of the tournament with 3 wins and 19 points. Ann Mwangi finished third with one win and 11 points.  In the mixed doubles event, St Andrew’s Senior School had two representatives; Anthony Kibogo and Maureen Mwangi. The duo had a slow start but soon picked up the  pace and secured an impressive win, 6 games to 1.
A summary of results by the under 19 tennis team

  • Girls’ u19 Doubles winners – Anuna Mohammed & Mueni Mutinda
  • Girls’ u19 Doubles 3rd place – Myrah Oloo & Maria Etiang
  • Girls’ u19 Singles winner- Maureen Mwangi
  • Girls’ u19 3rd Place – Ann Mwangi
  • Mixed Doubles 2nd position – Maureen Mwangi & Anthony Kibogo
  • Boys’ Doubles 3rd place – Ryan Rubyogo & Lawrence Sesay
  • Boys’ Double 2nd place – Anthony Kibogo & Elvin Paul Wojega
  • Boys’ Singles 4th place – Michael Ohonde
  • Boys’ Singles – 2nd place – Elvin Paul Wojega