Under 13 and Under 11 Rounders Tournaments

On Saturday 11th November, the Under 13 and Under 11 rounders teams were invited to attend the Hillcrest Rounders Tournament in Nairobi. This was the final opportunity to put into play everything the girls had learned during the season.

Could they direct the ball into spaces away from the opponent fielders to score rounders? Could they hit the ball hard, flat and far to avoid being caught? Could they stop the balls and throw them accurately to the bases to stump out runners? Could they catch those hard high balls? In a tournament anything can happen!
The morning got off to a dubious start. Torrential rain over night threatened the tournament. But the ground staff at Hillcrest worked hard to make the pitches safe and soon the games were underway. The Under 13 girls got off to a good start beating Braeburn Mombassa, their first win of the season. With new found confidence they went onto win their second match against Brookhouse. Unfortunately, this is as long as their winning streak lasted and they lost to Peponi House and The Banda resulting in them finishing third in their group and not progressing to the semi-finals.
The U11 girls had a similar tournament winning their matches against Braeburn Mombassa and Hillcrest and losing to Peponi House and Kenton College. They too finished third in their group.
Both teams put in an amazing effort and played their best games all season. Both Miss Agunda and Miss Curry are very proud of the progress their teams have made.