St Andrews Turi Virtual Learning Fees

How to Apply

St Andrew’s, Turi is offering flexible start days until 18th September 2020. Please follow these 3 easy steps to apply:


      1. Registration: Register by filling in the application form
      2. Assessment: Assessments vary depending on the age of your child. We aim to make assessments as relaxed as possible to ensure your child feels comfortable and able to be themselves. The assessment is solely to inform us of the child’s current abilities. Your child will be asked to do a number of tasks which provide insight into learning preferences, views and character. The assessment is a computer based assessment of reasoning ability that can identify where a student’s real strengths lie. It measures a pupil ability in four areas: non-verbal, quantitative, verbal and spatial. The assessment fee is USD 100. At the time of assessment, we require copies of your child’s birth certificate and most recent school report.
      3. Feedback: Upon successful assessment, you will receive an offer letter.
      4. Induction: You and your child will have an interview with the Headmaster and provided with your virtual learning access details and information pack.