Addresses and contact details

The correct address of the Senior School is:

(Individual’s name)

                        St Andrew’s Senior School

                        Private Bag

                        Molo 20106


Parents wishing to send valuable items to the school from within Kenya should use G4S.  There is a daily collection from their office in Molo.  Address G4S  items as follows:

(Student’s name)

                        St Andrew’s Senior School

                        c/o G4S Office

                        Molo 20106


Please use DHL if sending to Kenya from another country.

The School Office is open in term time between the following hours:

Monday to Friday 8:00am – 5:00 pm

The Senior School Secretary or another member of the team will be available during those hours.

Phone Numbers       

Please phone the school during office hours if you want to contact the Headmaster, Secretary or other staff or to leave a message for your son/daughter.  The Secretary will pass messages onto a student as quickly as possible and will ask him/her to phone you back if necessary.  The school phone numbers are as follows:



Senior School mobile number                                   + 254 (0)735 337736

(does NOT receive text messages)

Senior School wireless number                                  + 254 020 202 5709 or 0722 209750

Turkana Boarding House                                            + 254 (0) 780 941131

Laikipia Boarding House                                             + 254 (0) 738 083291

Baringo Boarding House                                             +254 (0) 799520628


Samburu Boarding House                                          +254 (0) 786 649 435

Tsavo Boarding House                                               + 254 (0) 743 280 582

Senior School students may bring mobile phones to school as long as the number and other details are registered with the School. (As with all personal belongings, the school cannot be held responsible for loss or damage). Please see the section on Possessions (electronic items) for specific details of type and use.


The Senior School administration can be contacted on:

Headmaster                            Mr A Boulle           

Deputy Head (Academic)       Mr J Williams    

Deputy Head (Pastoral)          Mr M Buckler    

School Doctor                         Dr J Thurlow       

Head of College                      Miss S Hobkinson

Head of Main School              Mr J Andwati     

Senior School Office              Mrs E Cheress     

Senior School Admissions      Mrs M Shikwati

School Finance Director         Mrs I Sakuda     

Bursary Office                                                        

School Chaplain                      Mr W. Hackman

To contact a member of the teaching team please use this pattern:  Head of Department e-mail addresses are listed in the Curriculum Guides which are issued in September

Each student has his/her own email address on the school e-mail system.  Once set up your son/daughter can inform you of his/her personal address.  Each student agrees to a clear code of conduct regarding the use of email and the internet in school.  Misuse of the system will be treated seriously.

Because there have been frequent problems with the phone lines and particular difficulties in getting a phone connection with places outside of Kenya, we would encourage all parents to give the school their email contact addresses which we can use for regular non-emergency communication – or as a last resort in an emergency.  Please ensure you update the School with your personal contacts when necessary.