Term Dates & VISOs

VISOs are a famous Turi tradition. They are the opportunity for parents and extended family to visit the School and partake in some exciting events. These include sporting events, theatrical performances, musicals, chapel services, horse riding displays, Speech Day and The Parade Service (uniformed organisations). It is also a chance to meet teachers and discuss academic and pastoral progress on a 1-2-1 basis. The admissions departments are available to discuss any new entrants and the Turi merchandise is available for purchase at both the Prep and Senior School.

Many parents decide to stay in nearby hotels or in the School campsite. Parents enjoy socializing around the campfire at night or making use of the Rising Phoenix staff club during the evening. Food can be cooked or purchased from the popular ‘Food Court’, a collection of tents offering a range of meals and light refreshments throughout the weekend.

Easter 2022
Staff InsetWednesday 5th – Friday 7th January
Start (Students Return)Sunday 9th January
1st VisoSaturday 29th – Sunday 30th January
Half TermSaturday 12th – Sunday 20th February
2nd VisoSaturday 12th - Sunday 13th March
EndFriday 1st April
Trinity 2022
Staff InsetFriday 22nd April
Start (Students Return)Sunday 24th April
1st VisoSaturday 14th – Sunday 15th May
Half TermSaturday 28th May – Sunday 5th June
2nd VisoSaturday 25th – Sunday 26th June
EndFriday 8th July
Christmas 2022
Staff InsetTuesday 30th August – Thursday 1st September