Christ is at the center of everything we do at St Andrew’s School, Turi.


The School’s mission is to ‘develop self-disciplined, confident and compassionate individuals who live and lead with integrity’. This is set within a Christian context, which defines the very essence of the School and is the foundation on which our vision and values are built. Many students will be the leaders of the future and all will play a part in shaping the world in which they live. Our aim is to help and encourage them to grow into accomplished young people of stature.


The vision we have is of students going out into the world very well educated, and well equipped in every respect to be an influence for good. We set great store by academic achievement, but we also value highly the development of students’ characters and wider talents and interests, including within sport, the creative and performing arts and a wealth of co-curricular activities. We have the whole person in view.


Our values are distinctively Christian. We have high expectations, not least in work and behavior, but these are set within an environment characterized by Christian love and care. We foster integrity, respect, compassion and understanding, encouraging them by all that we do and showing them by example.