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Christian Life

Chaplaincy - Vision

St Andrew's is a Christian school which teaches and encourages Christian values and imparts spiritual truth to our pupils. We endeavour to deliver the best possible education to those in our care and as a chaplaincy team we are keenly engaged in all aspects of school life, wholeheartedly supporting and promoting the belief that a well-rounded education includes academic, moral, physical and spiritual elements.

The diverse backgrounds, cultures and nationalities of our pupils provides for a rich, unique and lively Christian experience at St. Andrew's School. Our vision is to teach, direct, nurture and support an understanding that God is the source of true life. To this end we seek to act as mirrors reflecting God's love, pointing the way to fullness of life through personal relationship with Him. As a consequence of our vision we do all that we can to encourage those in our care to both develop firm roots in faith as well as reach out to others in compassion, responding individually and as a community to God's love, forgiveness and justice.

Who are we?

Whole School Chaplain - Rev. Monica Lopez

Rev. Monica Lopez

Monica Joined the school with her husband, Hugo, and four children in September 2010. She studied English Literature at Warwick University and did her post graduate teacher training at Oxford University. She has taught English in a variety of schools and also worked as Children’s worker in a vibrant, family church in the UK. She has also studied Theology through Moore College. She joined initially as Assistant Chaplain and teacher of English and became Whole School Chaplain in 2012.

Prep School Assistant Chaplain - Rev. Ben Shikwati

Rev. Ben Shikwati

Ben started at St. Andrew's in 2013. He has been ordained, doing some of his curacy in the UK. He has also done a doctorate in Pastoral Studies in South Africa. He has worked in a variety of churches and was also Chaplain in Butare School. He has a particular interest in Christian pastoral ministry. He is married to Mathundi.

Senior School Assistant Chaplain - Rev. Chris Arnold

Rev. Chris Arnold

Chris joined St Andrew's in 2011 after working as an R.S. teacher and assistant House Parent at Cheltenham College. He studied English Literature at University before studying Theology with the Anglican Training College in Gloucester. Chris has previously run trips to Kenya doing charity work in local schools. He and his wife Abigail currently also run a charity for unemployed women in the local area.

Senior School Chaplaincy

Chaplaincy in Senior School is vibrant and varied and at the very heart of what we see as school. As a team we offer a wide range of ways for pupils to engage in Christian worship that allows them the possibility to meet with God at whatever stage of their faith they are. We think the individual journey of faith that many of our young people are on is vitally important and look to base our chaplaincy work around these relationships.

On a weekly basis all students have the opportunity to attend a bible study that is specifically aimed at their age group that deals with issues relevant to them and in a setting that they feel comfortable and discussing issues affecting them. We also have Christian Union every Friday night where students come together to worship corporately as a big group. These evenings are a meeting specifically designed to be culturally and age relevant and include dancing, singing, games, engaging talks and food.

We increasingly see it as our vision to facilitate Christian leadership in the students and we have a committee who are training in discipleship, specifically relating to leadership and who take responsibility for many of our chaplaincy events. We run an Alpha course, offer baptism and confirmation classes and encourage creative ways of praying, using a prayer space and a whole night of prayer. In the College, we are particularly aware of the importance of preparing students in their faith for their next step beyond School, and will tackle apologetics questions as well as having discussions about what life will be like.

Prep School Chaplaincy

The Chaplaincy team at Prep School aims to create opportunities to learn about God, worship, pray and express faith through a variety of ways. We have formal Chapel services during the week and on Sundays, we have bible study groups led by committed staff and we have a Christian Union (called Club 1) for year 7 & 8 pupils.

We train up a committee of pupils who help lead this as well as having discipleship in Christian leadership. We aim to do prayer in creative ways and allow pupils to explore what their faith means for them personally. The chaplaincy team also offers pastoral support, particularly to pupils going through tough times.