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Music, Art, Drama and more

Student enjoying art

Encouraging Creativity Through the Arts


The standard of Art at Turi is very high. Students can try their hand at painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics and digital media. Our students' artwork can be seen throughout the school, with murals displayed outside the Dining Hall and brightly coloured designs on the end of Laikipia Boarding House and the Dempsey Centre. Other projects include painting the sets for the annual school play, alphabet boards for a local primary school and murals for an orphanage in Nakuru.

Students are taught to appreciate art outside the classroom. Each year the Year 10 and Year 11 Art students visit art galleries to see the contemporary art of East Africa. In addition, an Arts Week is held in June each year, during which students have an opportunity to extend their creativity. Local artists from Nakuru and Nairobi join the school for the week and run workshops in a wide variety of areas including circus skills, dance, drumming and traditional crafts.

Student playing flute


Music plays a central role in Turi with tours, concerts and orchestral weekends featuring prominently in the school year in addition to the regular weekly activities.

A large proportion of students learn musical instruments, and are taught by excellent specialist music teachers. The frequent success of St Andrew's School students in the prestigious Kenyan Young Musician of the Year Competition and other musical arenas confirms the high standard of musical achievement at Turi. Individual voice lessons are available to the students, helping to develop the talent of many solo vocalists. The school choir and other vocal ensembles are provided with a myriad of opportunities to perform.

Recordings of performances by the school choir, orchestra, jazz band, ensembles and individuals feature on school CD recordings.

Drama class


Drama wears many masks at Turi. Students find themselves involved in Drama Clubs, sketches in Chapel, the school play, speech and drama (LAMDA) classes or even taking Drama as an GCSE option. There is a wide spectrum of opportunities in which to be involved, whatever the level of ability. With the use of the drama studio, there is also the chance to perform to smaller audiences.

Each year the school performs a school play. The acting is of a high standard and is enjoyed by all who come to watch. Performances take place over a VISO weekend, to include parents and friends in the audience.

Past plays have included a modern day "Oliver" set in Nairobi, the haunting "Sweeney Todd the Barber", "Death of a President" and the stunning musical "Godspell".

Developing Different Interests

We provide all our students with the chance to develop different interests. Saturday morning is dedicated to pursuing these, although much is also happening throughout the week. Art and Crafts, Drama, Film Appreciation, Dance, Chess, Ultimate Frisbee and Jewellery Making are just some of the opportunities available.