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Christian Life

Christian Union

It is the aim of the Senior School Chaplaincy team to reach out to each and every student, getting to know them as individuals, nurturing and encouraging them in their journey of faith and supporting them in their daily experience of school life.

Most of our teachers are committed Christians who share their faith by taking part in morning weekday assemblies and Sunday morning chapel services which are lively, enjoyable and well received by the students. Many teachers are also directly involved in the student Bible studies, which take place in each of the boarding houses.

One of the highlights of the week is our Friday evening Christian Union which attracts over half of the Senior School student community.

The Alpha Course

Under the leadership of the Chaplaincy team and the Christian Union committee, there are lively worship sessions and thought-provoking talks by members of staff and guest speakers.

For those seeking to deepen their Christian commitment we run a well attended Youth Alpha course which concludes with a service of Baptism and Confirmation towards the end of the academic year.

As a team, it is our firm commitment to the students to provide confidential, prayerful advice and counsel as well as a patient and trustworthy listening ear. It is a joy to be able to spend one-on-one time with so many students in this way.