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The English language is fascinating, both in its power as a tool for communication and in the way it has developed and evolved over the centuries, incorporating aspects of the languages of other countries and cultures.

Our aims include- the instilment of a sense of excitement in the study and use of English; to ensure our students are proficient and confident in using language for different purposes and audiences; to equip the students with skills to analyse subtleties and nuances in the way others convey views and information.Through Language and Literature, students are taken into real and imaginary worlds and experiences, expanding their understanding of human nature, developing awareness of different genres and enhancing their own creativity.

Year 9

Students embark on a course of study to prepare them for the challenges of the IGCSE syllabus. They study and write autobiographies; read and analyse a modern novel; delve into the worlds of Dickens and Shakespeare, learning about the social and historical contexts of their writing and becoming enthusiastic readers and performers of a range of extracts from their work. They will learn to 'explode' poetry, becoming skilled in the identification of a range of literary techniques and 'detectives', drawing out meaning and inferences from finely-crafted phrases and expressions.

Year 10 and 11

Students are entered for English Language (early entry) and English Literature. They study an Anthology of fascinating non-fiction and fiction texts, as well as a wide range of poetry. Their analytical skills will be stretched as they dig deeper for hidden layers of meaning within their set texts and in 'unseen' challenges. A set novel and a play add to the poetry to create the Literature course.

A Level

A level Literature builds on the achievements and skills of the IGCSE course. We have been excited to see the enthusiasm of students as they realise that they can create a sophisticated and well-researched Drama coursework response at AS. Independent learning is encouraged by the freedom to select their own texts and devise their own area of exploration for the A2 coursework. In addition, the study of novels and poetry at a higher level is both challenging and extremely rewarding for the students.

Students are encouraged to ask some important questions about what they read, how they read, why they read and - very importantly - how they personally interpret what they are reading. As observers, readers and writers of spoken, written and multimodal texts, they will be inspired by learning about language.