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In essence Mathematics is fundamental, engaging and opens doors in Business, Science, Technology and beyond. Our desire at St Andrew's is to develop numerical fluency, effective problem-solving skills and a pursuit of understanding in all our students. There is inherent beauty in the discovery and appreciation of mathematical theorems and appreciating this elegance is a goal the department share; fundamentally, it is also the range of applications and versatility of the subject that makes it invaluable to the student and the prospective employer.

At St Andrew's, we follow the Edexcel IGCSE course, with all students sitting the Higher tier papers at the end of Year 11. A calculator may be used in both papers, and there is no coursework. From early in Year 9, students are set according to their abilities and speed of learning, with the top set steadily and deliberately stretched beyond the syllabus in order to provide further challenge and to deepen their understanding. With hugely experienced staff in the department, each student has a teacher who is an expert in their profession as evidenced by the consistently impressive grades at IGCSE.

Students progressing to A level Mathematics normally have an A or A* grade at IGCSE and require an enjoyment of the subject and a relish for the algebraic aspects in particular. We continue to follow the Edexcel syllabus, sitting the Core Mathematics 1 and 2 and Statistics 1 modules in the Lower Sixth, and Core Mathematics 3 and 4 and Mechanics in the Upper Sixth. Further Mathematics is also available for the strongest mathematicians, and involves taking the whole A level in the first year, and then a further six modules in the final year.

A good result in A level Mathematics is essential for most university courses in Mathematics, Science and Engineering, as well as Economics and Business related courses.