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Why Choose Turi?

We are heartbroken that it is our last viso. I wish I had another child and that we had started this Turi thing long ago.

St Andrew's School aims to provide a happy, stimulating, well-rounded educational experience for children from a wide range of backgrounds and outlooks, in beautiful, rural and safe surroundings. Pupils are encouraged to grow into well-educated, confident, self-disciplined young adults with the potential to be future leaders.

Ten Reasons to Choose Turi

  1. Academic Excellence
    • Creating independent learners who can reach their full potential
      At St Andrew's, the education is extensive and challenging. Pupils are encouraged to work hard, with increasing independence, so the very best levels of progress and performance are achieved by every pupil. St Andrew's School follows the British National Curriculum with excellent academic results.
  2. Christian Ethos
    • Providing an education that has an impact for eternity
      Christian beliefs lie at the heart of the School's foundation in life. Pupils of all faiths are welcomed in an atmosphere of Christian love and care. Trust, respect and integrity are developed, as pupils explore a personal faith in God.
  3. Pastoral Care
    • Highly valued for who I am; I learn to value and appreciate others
      At Turi, great importance is placed on pastoral care in a family-atmosphere, where pupils enjoy living and working together. Our pupils are offered a happy and secure environment in which each child is encouraged, valued and cared for as an individual. Our School community is large enough to be diverse but small enough to feel homely.
  4. A Stunning Environment
    • Time and space to grow in every aspect of life
      The breath-taking beauty of our 300 acre estate offers a quiet, safe and secure learning environment and a setting for a rich array of extra-curricular experiences.
  5. Sporting Prowess
    • Linking sportsmanship and success
      Our teams are very successful in competitive sports. Sport is a key part of School life at Turi. The boarding environment creates time and space for pupils to fully develop their sporting ability. Our aim is to develop competitive sportsmen and women.
  6. Music, Art and Drama
    • Encouraging creativity
      St Andrew's is renowned for the high quality of its performing arts. We encourage each individual's creative talents to be developed through art, music and drama.
  7. Leadership
    • Nurturing tomorrow's Leaders
      We encourage our pupils to develop leadership skills with integrity, honesty and a heart of service. Our aim is to instill in students the desire and ability to make a positive difference in the world.
  8. Global Awareness
    • Developing world citizens
      Being an international School, pupils at St Andrew's grow to be world citizens. With many different nationalities among staff and pupils, the pupils have a great awareness of different cultures and ethnic groups and learn to respect and value these differences.
  9. The 'Turi Family'
    • Join the world-wide Turi family
      Our aim is to see children leave St Andrew's as mature, thoughtful and resourceful young adults, committed to making a difference both in themselves and in their communities. The 'Turi family' is truly an international one and has extensive links reaching around the world.
  10. A Rich History
    • A proven record of success
      For over 75 years, St Andrew's has given our pupils amongst the best education available in Africa, setting them on the road to a successful future.